Monday, November 5, 2012

Christmas Crafts... Things to make (and bake...)

Can you believe it? It's November 5th already.... and Christmas is right around the corner! I know many of you love to craft your own holiday decorations and make your own holiday gifts. Others  will create wonderful handmade items for sale in Church Bazaars and various community and charity fund-raisers. Whether you've decided to handcraft your own Christmas tree ornaments and trimmings, or give your friends and families a gift made with love and your own hands... or make items to sell and help raise money for organizations near and dear to your hearts... we can help!

We have a large selection of Christmas craft pattern books and booklets along with some wonderful Christmas Craft Kits. And to make finding and shopping for these items even easier, we've just created a section in our store just for Christmas Craft items...
Craft Patterns at Stone Hill Creek.

For those of you who love decorative painting, we've got you covered! We have tole and folk art painting patterns that include all of your holiday favorites: Angels, Snowmen, Santa's, Gingerbread people... even an Advent Calendar! Perhaps your passion is embroidery and Cross Stitch? We've got wonderful patterns for you too... Nativity scenes, Christmas tree ornaments, tree skirts and more. If you enjoy knitting or crocheting, we have lots of craft patterns for festive afghans, sweaters, scarves, mittens and etc etc. Or maybe you prefer to sit down with your sewing machine and stitch up festive table settings, aprons, ornaments and other holiday delights. We've got patterns for all of those items, too. If you want something handmade but you're pressed for time? We have some fun and easy kits that are terrific time-savers!

So please come and visit us at Stone Hill Creek. You'll find the perfect patterns to create that handcrafted Christmas you've always dreamed of having. And if you're already that person who creates something new for your home, family and friends every year? Come and visit us for new ideas and projects

And... don't forget... While you're looking for that perfect something to craft for your home or a gift to make? We also have a delicious collection of Vintage Cookbooks from communities, churches and more. They have yummy recipe ideas you just might want to try out on your Christmas guests. Come to think of it, how about some cakes, cookies or pies for that holiday fund-raiser you're participating in?

So take a moment and come see what we have here at Stone Hill Creek. Start planning that handmade and home-cooked Christmas holiday you've been dreaming about! You know you want to!

♥♥  Much Love, Mark & Shirley ♥♥

Friday, October 26, 2012

Settling in and dealing with change...

Oh my goodness... What a month and a half we've had! On September 19th, 2012, we officially bid a fond farewell to my beloved Stone Hill Collectibles and to my husbands beloved Stone Hill Books. Just like the big boys are always doing, we negotiated a merger, combined our two stores into one and officially gave birth to Stone Hill Creek!!  I won't say it wasn't without some tears... but now we only have one business to manage and we're sooo excited about our new store!!

Ummm.... OK, so.... husband and wife... working together??  And just how is that coming along?

Well.. I can't say we haven't had our "moments", but they've been surprisingly good moments! We each still have our own "space" and we find ourselves sharing the day-to-day in a way we never could when we were each doing our own thing. It's actually pretty awesome!!!

We're still settling in and our to-do list is about a mile-and-a-half long, but we're getting there. We have lots of interesting items and stories to share with y'all once we catch our collective breath... so stay tuned to us at Stone Hill Creek!!